Vices of the Romantics

Do you really know your Romantics?

Francisco Goya


Straight to the Looney Bin??

Spanish court painter suspected of adultery & illegitimate child with his maid            [who is 35 years younger].

More recently, Francisco Goya has retreated into the countryside to live in isolation with his paintings… Clearly bordering insanity his works have become dark and paranoid; covering the walls of his house.

Watch out — this dude is crazy!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


It’s obvious that Coleridge can’t quit any time he wants. The depressed opium addict has taken residence with physician James Gillman who will attempt to treat him. Of course, it took a divorce, a falling out with Wordsworth, and a loss of his annuity before he released himself to a doctor’s care. 

                                         Opium Plant

                                                              The Culprit

Lord Byron













Percy Bysshe Shelley


                                  Suicide, Scandal, and Two-Timing, Oh My

He couldn’t have timed it any better; driving ex-wife Harriet to drowning herself just in time to tie the knot to Mary! is it just us, or does Frankenstein’s monster look eerily similar to a zombie-fide Harriet?   

Here’s a link to Harriet’s famous suicide letter!  Trust me, you want to read this juicy text ;)

E.T.A. Hoffmann


What Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Can it be? Syphillis?! Although Hoffmann has been married to Maria Tekla Michalina Rorer he could have contracted it several different ways: 

  1. Eight years before his marriage he became enamored with one of his students who was ten years his senior.
  2. From Maria herself!
  3. Or from a fling he had with a 13 year old student when he was, gasp, 34!

This is sure a Nutcracker!


William Wordsworth


                                                  An Estranged Daughter??

Who would have thought that William had rather a wild life after college for a few years, spending time in Revolutionary France where he fell in love with a French woman (Annette Vallon). He got her preganant and left her! My goodness! It’s said to be known that the affair was basis of his poem “Vaudracour and Julia”. Wordsworth definitely did his best to hide the affair from posterity…what a smart man he is.


                       (The only picture we could find of his French mistress).